Alejandro Macizo — Painter Artist
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Alejandro Macizo's work is as solid as his own name, a work that brings together many expressions that cement his gaze, as if whatever he creates - painting, drawing, design, photography, writing (etc.) - were different limbs of the same creature that despite adjusting our peripheral vision, we can only see an outline illuminated by a thin beam of light, leaving the rest of itself in the dark, not because it comes about as a deliberate whim or a playful strategy but because it instinctively emerges as the authentic child's nature.

His work breathes the childish essence of one who plays being a detective, inspect every corner, every trace with a rational explorer momentum but with the craze of drawing a map, sometimes a labyrinth, that leads him to the answers of his geometric concerns or to run into his erratic memories. The colorful, fragmented, and sometimes monochromatic vulnerability that he provides to the creative act also converges with a visual tenacity that repels the practices around art that often place the cultural impact in our society just in galleries.

Alejandro Macizo is his work, and anyone may come to contemplate the plenty current of his work to identify the intimate manifesto that is sealed with rigor, and that without intentions or expectations, projects with vivid colors and curious shapes, an illusive simplicity that turns around the complex towards oneself to figure out that powerful stamp of his vision and resistance.

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